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2006 Denyo DLW400ESW Towable Welder

The 2006 Denyo DLW400ESW Towable Welder is a versatile and reliable welding solution designed for mobile applications. This towable welder is built to deliver efficient welding performance across various job sites. Powered by a robust engine, it ensures a consistent and powerful welding output, making it ideal for a range of welding applications.

Manufactured in 2006, the DLW400ESW reflects Denyo’s commitment to durability and innovation. Its towable design adds an element of convenience, allowing for easy transport between job locations. Equipped with user-friendly controls and advanced welding capabilities, this welder is a dependable choice for welders seeking flexibility and mobility in their welding operations. Whether you’re working on construction sites, fabrication projects, or repairs, the 2006 Denyo DLW400ESW Towable Welder offers a reliable and efficient welding solution for your mobile welding needs.

All prices exclude GST. Item available for viewing, testing and collection in Papakura, Auckland. Please email or call us for further information.

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2006 Denyo DLW400ESW

Price: $15,000 + GST

Make: Denyo
Model: DLW400ESW
Year: 2006
SN: 373038
DC welding rated output: 12.9kW
DC welding rated current: 370A
DC welding rated voltage: 34.8V
Engine type: Diesel
Fuel tank capacity: 36 l
Fuel consumption: 4.7 l/hr
CO2 Emission: 12.1 kg/hr
Hours: 6035
Note: Can be used as a generator, just need to install plug outlets