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2013 New Holland TD5.110

The 2013 New Holland TD5.110 Tractor is a versatile and dependable agricultural workhorse designed to meet the demands of modern farming. Manufactured by New Holland, a renowned name in the agricultural machinery industry, this tractor combines power and efficiency to handle a wide range of farming tasks.

Equipped with a 110-horsepower engine and advanced features, the TD5.110 offers the strength and performance needed for plowing, planting, and other essential farming activities. Its user-friendly design, comfortable cabin, and precision controls ensure a productive and comfortable environment for operators.

Whether you’re managing a large-scale farm, engaging in livestock operations, or handling general agricultural tasks, the 2013 New Holland TD5.110 Tractor is your trusted partner in achieving efficiency and productivity in the field. This versatile tractor is built to meet the diverse needs of modern agriculture and make your work more manageable and rewarding.

All prices exclude GST. Item available for viewing, testing and collection in Papakura, Auckland. Please email or call us for further information.


2013 New Holland TD5.110

Price: $59,000 + GST

Make: New Holland
Model: TD5.110
Serial Number: HFD120479 DAS7BD
Hours: 947
Attachments: 1700mm Stoll front end loader, Fieldmaster Rotary Mulcher
Rated horsepower: 110HP
Total permissible mass: 6500kg
Permissible front axle load: 3000kg
Permissible rear axle load: 4250kg
Unbraked towable mass: 4000kg
Inertia braked towable mass: 8000kg
Axles: 4WD front axles

• The low mounting points have lowered the tractors overall centre of gravity, which improves stability when transporting full loads in the fully extended position
• All PTO controls have been clustered to your left
• The loader’s low mounting brackets guarantee exceptional forward and downward visibility.