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2023 Isuzu 42kVA Genset

With a power output of 42 kilovolt-amperes, this genset stands as a versatile and efficient source of electricity, providing a dependable power supply for critical applications.

Powered by a high-performance Isuzu engine, the genset ensures consistent and stable power generation, making it suitable for both prime and standby power applications. Its advanced control system allows for seamless integration and monitoring, ensuring optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Whether it’s supporting construction sites, backup power for commercial facilities, or remote locations requiring off-grid electricity, this genset is a trusted solution, providing a reliable and efficient source of power to keep operations running smoothly.

All prices exclude GST. Item available for viewing, testing and collection in Papakura, Auckland. Please email or call us for further information.


Brand New 2023 Isuzu 42kVa Genset (CJ Perry H60SA4JJ1T Generator Set)

Price: $25,000 + GST

Make: CJ Perry
Model: H60SA4JJ1T
Year: 2023
SN: 115224
Prime rating: 40kVA | 32kWe
Stand by rating: 44kVA | 35.2kWe
Power factor: 0.8
Phase: 3
Engine: Isuzu 4JJ1TYGV01
Alternator: Sincro SK 225 SM
Alternator speed: 1500 rpm


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