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2023 Kobelco SK17SR-6 Excavator and Hino 300 Tipper Truck Package

Introducing the cutting-edge 2023 Kobelco SK17SR-6 Excavator and Hino 300 Tipper Truck Package—an unbeatable combination designed to revolutionize your construction and excavation endeavors. The Kobelco SK17SR-6 is a compact excavator offering unparalleled precision and efficiency in diverse job environments.

Driven by a high-performance engine, the SK17SR-6 ensures powerful excavation capabilities, fuel efficiency, and compliance with the latest emission standards. Its compact footprint and advanced hydraulic system enable seamless operation in confined spaces, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

Teaming up with the Kobelco excavator is the Hino 300 Tipper Truck, a robust and dependable hauler meticulously engineered for efficient material transport. Featuring a durable tipping mechanism, this truck streamlines the unloading process, enhancing overall productivity on the construction site.

Both the Kobelco SK17SR-6 Excavator and Hino 300 Tipper Truck prioritize operator comfort, boasting spacious cabs, intuitive controls, and exceptional visibility. The 2023 models reflect Kobelco and Hino’s unwavering commitment to durability, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.

Whether it’s excavation, material handling, or transporting loads, this comprehensive package provides an integrated solution for construction projects. Elevate your construction capabilities with the precision of the Kobelco SK17SR-6 Excavator and the efficiency of the Hino 300 Tipper Truck, setting new standards for performance and reliability in the industry.

All prices exclude GST. Item available for viewing, testing and collection in Papakura, Auckland. Please email or call us for further information.


2023 Kobelco SK17SR-6 Excavator and Hino 300 Tipper Truck Package

Price: $76,800 + GST

Digger specifications
Make: Kobelco
Model: SK17SR-6
Year: 2023
Blade: 1280mm wide dozer blade
Tracks: 230mm wide rubber tracks
Attachments: Brand new Doherty tilt coupler, 900mm wide bucket, 450mm dig bucket, 200mm spade frame, 300mm spade insert
-15.2kN bucket digging force
-Self-cleaning/Retractable Crawler Frames
-Zero tail swing

Truck specifications
Make: Hino
Model: 300
Year: 2014
VIN: JHHACS3H00K001806
Rego: 06/02/2024 | HGQ832
COF: 24/05/2024
Odometer: 157,251kms
Hubodometer: 158,204kms
RUCS: until 159,000kms
GVM: 5,500kg
Tare weight: 2,760kg
Payload: 2,740kg
-3m x 1.75m deck dimension
-1,900kg capacity ramps (pair)
-6 x certified deck rings
-Reverse camera