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Brand New!!! 2023 Takeuchi TB325R 2.5-Ton Excavator and Trailer Package

The 2023 Takeuchi TB325R 2.5-Ton Excavator bundled with a brand-new Pinto 3.5-Ton Digger Trailer is the ultimate package for efficient excavation and convenient transportation. Takeuchi, a trusted leader in the construction equipment industry, has carefully combined their powerful mini-excavator with a reliable trailer to meet all your excavation and transportation needs.

The TB325R, equipped with a 24.4-horsepower engine and advanced hydraulic systems, provides the strength and precision needed for digging, trenching, and material handling with exceptional efficiency. The included Pinto digger trailer offers a hassle-free way to transport the excavator to and from job sites, enhancing your overall productivity and saving valuable time and effort.

Whether you’re working on landscaping, utility installations, or general excavation projects, the 2023 Takeuchi TB325R Excavator on a Pinto Digger Trailer Package is your dependable and comprehensive solution. It’s engineered to meet the demands of your most challenging tasks while simplifying your transportation and excavation needs, ultimately boosting your efficiency and success in construction endeavors.

All prices exclude GST. Item available for viewing, testing and collection in Papakura, Auckland. Please email or call us for further information.


2023 Takeuchi TB325R Excavator and Trailer Package

Price: $81,000 + GST

Make: Takeuchi
Model: TB325R
Operating weight: 2,310kg
Blade width: 1500mm dozer blade
Tracks: 250mm wide rubber tracks
Attachments: Elite Rotalock Tilt Coupler
Olsen Attach 1100mm Wide Bucket
Olsen Attach 450mm Dig Bucket
Olsen Attach 400mm Spade Bucket

• 3 years/ 3000 hours warranty whichever comes first
•Triple flanged track rollers
•SP1(Proportional lever switch & detent), SP2, SP3
•Pilot accumulator
•Arm holding valve
•Boom holding valve
•Auto tank
•Made in New Zealand Pinto Trailers
•3500kg GVM rated
•2800mm x 1765mm main deck
•Fully welded and hot dipped galvanised chassis
•195R14C 14” commercial rated rims and tyres
•10 year warranty
•Checker plate guards you can stand on