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$128,500.00 $142,000.00

Brand New!!! 2023 Case 1110 EX-PD Smoothdrum/Padfoot Roller

This roller combines the benefits of a smooth drum and padfoot drum, making it adaptable to a variety of soil and asphalt compaction tasks.

Powered by a high-performance engine, the 1110 EX-PD ensures optimal compaction results and productivity. Its dual functionality allows operators to choose between a smooth or padfoot drum, providing versatility in addressing different soil types and project requirements. With advanced features, such as vibration settings and intuitive controls, this roller offers precision in achieving uniform compaction across diverse terrains.

Manufactured in 2023, the Case 1110 EX-PD reflects Case’s commitment to durability and innovation in construction equipment. Whether it’s compacting roads, building foundations, or working on large-scale infrastructure projects, this smoothdrum/padfoot roller stands as a reliable and efficient choice for achieving superior compaction results.

All prices exclude GST. Item available for viewing, testing and collection in Papakura, Auckland. Please email or call us for further information.


2023 Case 1110 EX-PD Smoothdrum/ Padfoot Roller

Price: $128,500 + GST

Make: Case
Model: 110 EX-PD
Operating weight: 12,466kg
Frequency: 31Hz
Drum overall width: 2150mm
Drum diameter: 1500mm (without padfoot)
Drum shell thickness: 32mm
Turning radius (inner radius): 3.42m
Machine speed: 0-5.5km/h (Working speed) | 0-11.5km/h (Travel speed)
Gradeability: 36%(With drum drive) | 40% (Intermittant)

•Bolt on padfoot
•Drum roller scrapers
•Short steering radius at 37 degrees
•2 vibration stages provided by a variable displacement bi-directional axial piston pump with electrical displacement control
•Turbo pre-cleaner mounted on top of engine compartment: only fresh air is delivered to the engine to assure a perfect combustion