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Selwood S100 4inch Solids Handling Pump

The Selwood S100 4-inch Solids Handling Pump is a robust and efficient solution designed for demanding dewatering applications. With a focus on solids-handling capability, this pump is adept at handling various types of debris and slurry, making it a reliable choice for construction sites, mining operations, and municipal projects.

Powered by a high-performance engine, the S100 ensures a powerful and consistent flow, efficiently moving water and solids with ease. Its durable construction and compact design make it versatile for use in confined spaces, offering a practical and reliable solution for water management challenges.

Manufactured with Selwood’s commitment to quality and innovation, the S100 pump showcases advanced technology and user-friendly features. Whether it’s tackling flood control, construction site dewatering, or industrial applications, the Selwood S100 4-inch Solids Handling Pump stands out as a dependable and efficient choice for handling challenging pumping tasks.

All prices exclude GST. Item available for viewing, testing and collection in Papakura, Auckland. Please email or call us for further information.

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Selwood S100

Price: $14,000 + GST

Make: Selwood
Model: S100
Capacity: 165 m3/h
Total head: 21.3m
Max. solids size: 75mm
Inlet/ outlet size: 4 inch
Max. pump speed: 1600rpm
Hours: 5658